Profile Defenders Just another WordPress site Fri, 03 May 2019 16:23:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Gadook Affordable Reputation Management Service Offerings Sat, 13 Apr 2019 16:35:19 +0000 If your personal brand or business is at the receiving end of immense negativity online in the form of negative comments, articles or reviews, you need to hire a reputation management service firm. The company would make sure undesirable content isn’t the first thing users come across when they type your business’ name in an online search engine. Gadook is a low cost and affordable reputation management service provider that attempts to help businesses recover from past PR and online issues. In this reputation services review article, we’ll take a brief look at the company’ services and how it fares overall.

Services Offered by Gadook

Gadook offers a range of reputation management services online. The specific ones being:

• Reputation analysis: Gadook determines the current image of your business. And then all possible things are considered to create a campaign that would repair your damaged online reputation and foster a positive image.

• Review management: The company controls 35 online review websites where you may direct your patrons to post reviews. Gadook would keep a close watch on the reviews being posted and alert you about the negative reviews so that you may address the complaints and grievances immediately. The positive reviews, on the other hand, would get promoted.

• Brand protection: After your reputation online has been repaired, Gadook employs several measures to make sure your newly created positive rep stays.

• Rebranding: If the positive content creation isn’t helping much, Gadook could come up with a completely new rebranding campaign.

• Social media: The company would help you create and boost your social media to build customer relationships.

How It Works?

Gadook carries out a thorough analysis of the existing state of your image online and tries to find out the severity of the bad press. And since the reputation management is done online, the set of keywords that should be repaired and observed is looked into. Once done, the firm starts creating positive content with relevant keywords so that the negative content could be pushed off from the search engine results’ first few pages. The company also resorts to managing online reviews and your social media to optimize the SEO of your website.

Besides repairing an impaired reputation, Gadook also makes sure the image of its clients stays strong even after the repair work is done. It, therefore, spends time and effort monitoring the web space for mentions of your brand or you. This lets the company quickly respond to anything negative popping up online.

Pricing and Contract

Unlike some other reputation management service providers, Gadook has no set pricing or service plans for the work they do. The firm works with its clients individually to come up with a customized program that caters to specific client needs.

The plans are devised after consultation with the client about the client’s current reputation online and what they would like to do about it. Some clients may look to repair their damaged reputation, while others may simply need monitoring of their brand’s image online to make sure it remains positive.

Once Gadook is clear about the requirements, it then carries out analysis of the client’s reputation on its own, to evaluate the existing state and the kind of work that’s required to meet the client’s end goals.

It then creates a formal proposal laying out the stratagems it believes are required. Based on the time and work needed, a monthly price is arrived at. Since pricing is customized, it’s recommended you get talking with Gadook if you’d like to know what your costs would be.

As far as contracts go, Gadook needs you to stay with them for at least three months at first. Later, you may work with them on a monthly basis. This provides you and Gadook some time for repairing your reputation online. If you do not see any progress within the initial three months, you may walk away without incurring any fees or penalty charges. Comparatively, most other companies require you to stay with them for at least six to 12 months initially but again it depends on the situation and what your needs are.

We were recently contacted by a new client who had worked with a company called and was asking for additional help to resolve her reputation issues online. We are not associated with Gadook and the Florida based company.

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Five Blocks Review: Importance Of Monitoring Your Online Reputation Sat, 13 Apr 2019 16:17:10 +0000 is a digital consulting and technology firm that is focused on monitoring services for the reputation management industry. The Israel and New York City based company specializes in enterprises, companies, and organizations with at least 100 employees. A suite of technology solutions and personalized advisory services help corporations and high-profile individuals reinstate control of the narrative surrounding their product and services by showcasing what their overall search results are via display blocks that are positive or negtive.

Five Blocks have positioned themselves as the go-to professionals and experts of digital search with over a decade of experience in reputation management software monitoring where The Reputation Management Company here has cemented ourselves as the company to use to resolve and fix any negative search results with our suite of ORM services. Five Blocks has grown to be a one-stop shop, employing and deploying a host of analysts, developers, and online researchers from the fields of technology, communications, and business management.

Importance of Online Reputation Management

With the growing popularity of social media and third-party apps, containing a solid reputation online is become a treacherous act in itself, especially for the uninitiated. A disgruntled customer or an unchecked rumor about your business or organization has the potential of ruining your reputation and undermining income streams. Businesses are starting to understand the value of remaining diligent of what’s being said about them and their brand online.

Digital marketers, who are at the forefront of online reputation management, are viewing services like Five Blocks as a necessity for businesses. While the majority of the online marketers believe in the importance of investing in proper reputation management, not all companies are considering it a vital element to their success. Only about half of executives see online reputation management as a necessary function but 100% of them should see this as a need in today’s digital world.

The Power of Your Online Reputation

Properly managing your online reputation leads to augmented trust with stakeholders, customers, and clients. If people appear to trust a company, others are likely to follow suit. Most trusted companies are due to the fact that they already have an established base, with word-of-mouth recommendations spreading their business’ influence.

Not only does proper management of your online persona helps build trust and improve your position in the search engine results page, but it can also lead to profitability. Companies with reputable online personas and reviews attract more businesses from partnerships, clients, and sponsorships. Now it’s more important than ever to have relevant reviews of your businesses online.

Reputable companies will also attract legitimate workers and employees. Reviews are equally important for on-boarding employees as they are for attracting clients. Employees are looking for a company that shares the same core values and beliefs as them, in which trustworthiness, transparency, and reputation are spotlighted.

A bad reputation will worsen over time if left unchecked. This may be because of systemic problems with the business, but it may also be due to the broken window theory. This theory can be explained as a warehouse with broken windows and poor curbside appearance enticing more vandals. Recovering from a tarnished reputation may sound like a difficult task, but with the help of Five Blocks you can at least monitor your results and then use a professional reputation repair service to fix up your issues.

Fixing Your Online Reputation

There are several steps that you can take to help remediate the situation. One of the best tips is to be active in social media. There are way too many companies who do not value social media and see it as a frivolous task. However, investing in social media will allow you to become part of the conversation. It will also assist you in identifying the customers from inflammatory posts, and giving you the platform to reach out to them in a professional way to inquire about their problem or their inquiry. You can make the situation right with them and ask them to post an update about it online. This will turn a negative experience into a positive one and will contribute to your positive online persona and this will all be tracked in your Green and Red Blocks.

An experienced local search marketing firm can offer more specific steps, such as adding locally optimized content to remediate negative reviews, or an online reputation manager to tackle more complex duties.

Everyone is entitled to a fair representation online. Start off by taking an inventory of your online presence, making the best out of your established digital assets. We will then promote your brand and shape it to counteract incredulous misinformation. We’ll actively and proactively defend your reputation from attack and actively mitigate threats. It’s extremely important to monitor for positive results, adjusting modes of attack to ensure success. Over time all companies using an ORM team will have a blueprint of repeat offenders, informing you and quickly accommodating to the evolving digital environment.

Fortune 500 corporations and professional groups are the core clientele for reputation monitoring but you can also find agencies local to you that also manage high-profile individuals like senior executives and investors.

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Dedicated Reputation Repair Employee Tue, 26 Mar 2019 17:16:45 +0000 A dedicated reputation repair employee is a great fit for working with our profile defender experts. We can assist and handle any removals of negative and unwanted content about your brand and also have the ability to fix and repair the Google autocomplete suggestions that may suggest negatives such as “Lawsuit”, “Complaints”, “Scam”, and other undesirable words that may not be truthful but are appearing online due to disgruntled customers or vicious competitors.

An in house employee which you can find from referrals, linkedin, indeed, craigslist, monster, a college job fair, or any of the other smaller job referral sites should have criteria listed such as:

  • Digital Marketing Experience
  • Online Public Relations Skills
  • Experience Working with Media & Journalists
  • Basic programming skills

We work with a lot of digital marketing managers and IT specialists who we complement their skills and report back to them with our work and they help manage the campaigns that we help put together to ensure that we fix and eliminate all potential results that can be deleted with our reputation defender services.

Contact us today for a quote and speak with our assessment team on the best way to handle your ORM issues in house with our assistance.

What You Should Know About Cyberbullying To Defend Yourself Fri, 08 Feb 2019 17:27:55 +0000 Are you a victim of cyberbullying and wish to be informed about the various tricks you can use to tackle such a case? If so, this write-up will give you some crucial information you should know about cyberbullying that you can use when the need arises.


Cyberbullying refers to bullying which takes place over different digital gadgets such as tablets, computers, and smartphones among others. It can occur online through forums, social media messages, or gaming chats whereby people can participate in, view, or share content.

Cyberbullying is an act that includes sharing, posting or sending false, mean, or harmful information about another person. The act can include sharing private or personal information about another person and hence causing humiliation or embarrassment.

Cyberbullying Facts and Statistics

A recent study conducted worldwide confirmed that cyberbullying incidents are constantly on the rise and therefore any victim of it should not take the matter lightly. Some of the present-day fact findings on cyberbullying include:

— Over 80 percent of teens are utilizing a cell phone frequently, making it the prime cause for cyberbullying.

— Approximately 40 percent of teens are victims of cyberbullying. Based on studies, 1 in 5 kids using a cell phone have been bullied online more than once.

— About 75 percent of students worldwide report encountering regular bullying online.

Why Cyberbullying Exists

Cyberbullying happens because of the same reasons connected to any other kind of bullying. However, cyberbullying is more appealing since the act can be performed anonymously. Based on studies, there are two types of individuals who have higher chances of bullying someone else i.e. those people that are on the community fringes as well as those who are famous.

Popular teens or kids may bully because they either view it as a trick to stay popular or since they feel powerful anytime they hurt others. Also, teens or kids considered to be less socially may bully others because of several reasons including:

— It assists them in coping with their individual self-esteem

— They have trouble sympathizing with those people they hurt

Who is in More Danger of Cyberbullying?


When cyberbullying is compared with conventional forms of bullying, the former is considered to be more dangerous. Based on research, most of the victims of cyberbullying are kids and teens.


Cyberbullying cases are always on the rise since the act can take place anytime, anywhere, and because the bully doesn’t require being face-to-face when bullying others. This significantly contributes to making the attacks of cyberbullying normally to be more cruel and vicious. Just like all kinds of bullying, cyberbullying can cause serious harm to an individual’s self-esteem, confidence and social skills.

As a parent, there are several tricks you can utilize when trying to find out if your kid is a victim of cyberbullying. In case you’re concerned that your kid is the victim, you should try looking out for behavioral signs including:

1. Low self-esteem.

2. Spending more of their time alone or withdrawing from friends, family as well as social situations.

3. Appearance or weight loss changes.

Be informed that in case of a serious situation of cyberbullying, and the act goes for a long time unnoticed and untreated, most victims have higher chances of committing suicide. It is therefore important you are aware of how to identify easily cyberbullying as this will help in ensuring it does not go unnoticed.

What You Can Do to Avoid Being a Victim of Cyberbullying

#1: Protecting your Privacy on the Internet

Some of the things you can do to protect your privacy online include:

*Avoid posting something online which you desire to keep private

*Utilizing the privacy setting options on social media

*Limiting your online friends

#2: Dealing with Bullies Accordingly

In case a person says anything cruel online, resist the desire to fight back. You should also block any person that you notice has the habit of harassing others online.

Tips on How to Defend from Cyberbullying

Tip#1: Blocking any Person Harassing you Online

If someone is trying to bully you online, cut the connection with them immediately by blocking them and cutting off any online contact you have with them.

Tip#2: Keeping Evidence of any Cyberbullying Incident

This involves keeping copies of texts or emails and taking screenshots of the harassment messages or photos. This will serve as proof of showing the bullying took place when the need arises.

Tip#3: Getting Legal Help

Reporting the bully to the police is one great method of teaching them a lesson. There is no country that supports cyberbullying and hence reporting the harasser to the relevant authority will see them face the full arm of the law.

Tip#4: Finding the Person Bullying you Online

There are several online tools you can use to find the person harassing you. One of the best tools to use is phone lookup software. Such software can assist you to know where the person that bullied you is as it can help you find out their address, name and other information on them.
Bottom Line

Always ensure you protect your online privacy and take any cyberbullying case seriously since any person targeting to bully you can end up exposing what you do not want to share to the entire world of internet.

Cult Education Reputation Management – What You Need To Know About The Cult Education Network Wed, 06 Feb 2019 00:22:53 +0000 Cults are dangerous. When a person becomes involved with a cult, he can lose himself, and, one way or another, lose his life. As there are more cults than most people are aware of, it is important for individuals to learn everything they can about the subject. In some cases your company or you yourself may be posted as being in a cult and it’s affecting your business or your life. We can help you fix these issues especially if the information is false but yet Google continues to tell researchers that it is.

What Is The Cult Education Network?

The Cult Education Network is a website that provides a wide range of information on cults, movements, and controversial groups. Its previous name was the Ross Institute. The advisory board and other experts study and research groups, and makes this information available to anyone who accesses their website.

The Cult Education Institute offers other resources. This includes a weblog of breaking news stories, an online library of educational materials, a forum, and links to additional resources. They are based out of the tri-state area of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut.

In addition to information about cults and destructive movements, there is also information for anyone who needs help for their loved ones. A concerned person can learn about the warning signs of cults, and ethical standards for interventions. Depending on the particular situation, a concerned person has the option to complete an intake questionnaire, and, if necessary, request expert assistance.

Errors Can Occur

Unfortunately, errors can occur on an informational website. This is especially true when the general public is allowed to post on a site. In some cases, an error may be nothing more than an honest mistake. A person may misinterpret an incident as a warning sign, or overreact. A person who has little knowledge of cults may not be able to be objective.

In other cases, someone who personally dislikes a group may claim it is a cult. Even if they know it is not true, they may want to damage the group’s reputation so other people will be suspicious of the group and not want to become involved.

Whether it is an honest mistake or intentionally misleading, false information can cause problems. A group that is harmless, or even helpful, can find that fewer people become interested in the group and rumors can start to spread.

How Reputation Management Can Help

There are a number of ways a reputation management firm can help with false information. One example is simply removing the false information. When the content is removed, individuals who visit the website will not see what was posted in the past.

A second option is to replace the bad content with positive, accurate content. Instead of errors, readers will see that the group is good, safe, and beneficial.

Online Reputation Management services can even go a step further. Positive news, reviews, and information can be created for search engines. With this option, the Cult Education Network will not be the only source of information about your group. Correct, helpful information will be easily seen by anyone who searches for information about your group. If it’s Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterst, and other social media sites displaying negatives then there is a solution as well to that.

Cults in New York that need Reputation Management Help

Why You Need Expert Assistance

Regardless of the option you choose, reputation management should not be considered a do-it-yourself project. It is too easy to make a mistake. You could end up with no results at all, or the problem could even worsen.

Instead, you should hire experts for reputation management. If you have visited the Cult Education Network and see false information about yourself or your group, do not wait for the problem to worsen. Contact our expert reputation management consultants as quickly as possible. We have had issues where an ex-member was freed but still suffered at the hands of negative information about their former cult and it was harming their ability to move on with their lives. With our successful campaign creation we were able to fix these issues and give a nice lady her life back.

Profile Defenders Online Reputation Management services has the experience and expertise needed to resolve your issues. Your group or as an individual can be restored to the good reputation it deserves. When you have a positive online reputation again, you can enjoy your group and everything it has to offer. It may even help you gain new members, when curious people know you are not a cult according to the Google results.

Cult Activity Today in 2019

In many instances, cults are virtually invisible. This is mainly because they are not honest about who they are, what they do, and what they want. Individuals of all ages can be lured into cults, believing it is a benevolent group with caring, good-hearted people that have something special and wonderful to offer.

In too many cases, individuals are trapped in cults before they realize their initial impressions were mistaken. Sometimes, they never realize this at all. If they are lucky, they have loved ones who take action to help them escape, and can experience years trying to recover from their experiences.

The Cult Education Network provides information and assistance for individuals who are concerned about cults and cult activities. This does not mean mistakes are never made. If you see information you know is false, do not try to deal with it yourself. Contact an experienced reputation management firm for help by calling 866-664-6178 today and get a quote on how to fix up your social media and search results.

Principal Communications Group Reputation Management For Celebrities Tue, 05 Feb 2019 21:57:56 +0000 As one of the premiere reputation management firms who has worked behind the scenes for the who’s who of Hollywood fixing and navigating some of the most wild and obscene media blitzes we’re glad to see other reputable players to enter the space. While Principal Communications Group won’t handle and do the same things we do for Hollywood’s biggest names they will focus on cyber security needs through a new partnership that was just announced for the Los Angeles based company.

The founders of Principal Communications Group have recently partnered with Edgeworth Security to establish Foresight Solutions Group. The establishment of this new communications firm strives to provide their clients with a merging of PR expertise and the research prowess of cyber-intelligence professionals. The Edgeworth Security strategy is to provide companies and clients with the ability to make better-informed decisions based on deep data research and collection. Edgeworth is helping to set the cyber-intelligence industry standard by thoroughly accessing and analyzing data in a safe manner, and in adherence to data collection and privacy laws, while supplementing that information and research with practical applications and solutions.

What Service will Foresight Solutions Group Provide?

The partnering of the founders of Principal Communications Group with Edgeworth Security has birthed the creation of Foresight Solutions Group. Foresight Solutions Group provides the valuable service of conducting cyber-research that capable of producing much more than what a basic Google search can provide.

Edgeworth’s analysts have access to data in multiple languages from websites all around the world. The analysts are capable of finding necessary data, interpreting it, and drawing parallels with how to find additional threads of information, such as those found in what is known as ‘the dark web’. The dark web is an additional layer of the web that cannot be accessed through basic search engines. Only the best cyber-experts like the reputation experts here at Profile Defenders have the ability to conduct such deep research that is not just about a list of results, but is more of a combination of technology, algorithms, and practical application experience.

Reputation Management Services

The adage of ‘a team is only as strong as its weakest link’ is an underlying component of reputation management. A company wants every member of their team to be squeaky clean when it comes to their online reputation so the overall reputation of the company is preserved and protected.

Red Flag Service

Foresight offers their clients a unique brand of reputation management, ‘Red Flag Service’, which combines deep research with risk assessment in an attempt to preempt any potential negative results associated with a particular team member or business decision. The company can use the information provided by the analysts to come up with customized solutions, often involving the assistance of advocacy groups that train companies on how to deal with negative reputation backlash.

While Foresight will not make concrete recommendations regarding the hiring or firing of individuals within a company, their research will empower the companies themselves as they can use it to make their own informed decisions. The firm also specializes in representing companies or individuals trying to better manage their reputations in an attempt to make a comeback. Foresight’s clients cannot be involved in any type of criminal act and they will act within strict adherence to the codes of conduct upheld by advocacy and anti-discrimmination groups.

In this digital age, online reputations for businesses and individuals can determine success or failure within the push of a button. Once negative content is released onto the net, it is difficult to undo and can spread very quickly. That is why firms like Foresight Solutions are making a business out of providing their clients with a pro-active means of avoiding these kinds of challenges completely. Through the Principal Communications Group founders’ choice to partner with Edgewater Security to establish Foresight Solutions Group, a firm has emerged with the capability to protect businesses and individuals from the results of negative reputation management. The firm is started by partners Paul Pflug, Melissa Zukerman and Hans-Dieter Kopal who are also here to protect against false and fake #METOO attacks and unjust remarks that are done as a attack by a competing agency or company.

While we maintain an office presence in Beverly Hills, California to help promote, protect, and ensure the online privacy of the wealthy and elite The Principal Communications Group has opened up an office nearby located at

8075 W. 3rd Street, Suite 520. Los Angeles, CA 90048
phone: 323.658.1555
fax: 323.658.1556
]]> Removal and Deletion Services Tue, 22 Jan 2019 23:16:45 +0000 Every year new complaint websites pop up and old ones die out. The most popular ones Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer, and Yelp have stood the test of time but smaller scam reporting sites have fallen off and new ones like have popped up into the search results warning consumers not to work with an individual or business.

The issue with these complaint sites are that there is no moderation team to approve the post and say if the content was false and defamatory or if it’s accurate. The only solution one has after being posted about on Complaint Base is to hire a reputation management service such as the online reputation management profile defenders team to go in and have the negative posts completely deleted and removed from the search results.

Complaint Base Deletion and Removal from Google

This is a service that is a one time fee and once the result is deleted from complaint base it is completely gone from the website and then we make the request to have it removed from Google search results as well. It’s very beneficial to repair your reputation and remove unwanted and false search results and we’re glad to be the company that helps you.

Personal Reputation Repair: How To Avoid A Crisis, And What To Do If Something Bad Happens Sun, 20 Jan 2019 01:29:00 +0000 It only takes one mistake for a person’s reputation to take a major hit these days. Whether it be work related or outside of work, years of damage can be done in a blink of an eye. For tech employees in particular, it would make sense that they would particularly cognizant of any type of issue to their reputation, since in many cases they know the dangers of the the internet.

When it comes to personal reputation repair for tech employees, preparation is the key. This is true not only to avoid problems in the first place, but handling problems if they arrive. Here is a closer look at how a person can protect their image now, and in the future.

Be Prepared For Any And Everything

Preparation is key in nearly every facet of life, and that is certainly true in the workforce as well. This will help with not only avoiding any hits to your reputation, but it will also make it easier to handle a crisis if something were to happen.

A person in the tech industry can really start to get the wrong reputation if they are not prepared. It is such a big part of the job that it looks completely unprofessional not to be ready for things. Getting in good habits during work will help not only reputation wise, but with success in general.

Have Realistic Expectations

The truth of the matter is, just about everyone will go through some type of controversy in their lifetime either at work or in their personal life. The important thing is to handle everything with professionalism and having the right expectations.

If your reputation takes a hit because of something that involves the law, it might be pretty tough to move on quickly. It is not like that type of information just goes way quickly.

Be Transparent

Whenever a reputation takes a hit, trustworthiness goes out the door for the most part. It is up to each individual to rebuild their reputation and gain trust again. The best way to do it? Be as transparent as possible is a great start.

Everyone knows the person who goes through something messy and then goes in the hiding. It might actually be more beneficial to own up to mistakes and build a reputation backup by not trying to take every profile and every piece of information down.

Remember, it take a long time to build a reputation, but just one mistake can really ruin it. Think about that before even attempting to do something that can really do damage to your career or personal life. The tech industry certainly isn’t the most forgiving, so making a mistake could prevent future job opportunities.

Don’t Panic If Something Does Go Wrong

If something does go wrong, it is extremely important to be swift with a fix, but not to lose your cool. It is an extremely frustrating part of life to deal with any type of reputation management crisis. The first instinct is probably to panic and wonder what exactly might happen. It does make sense in some ways to think about the worst-case scenario, but being proactive usually yields better results.

We learn a lot about ourselves during some of the worst times. Freaking out about an issue is going to do nothing to help the situation. Instead, it is likely going to only make things worse in the long run.

Control The Information You Can Control

Believe it or not, a lot of people who have damage done to their reputation can look in the mirror and see who has caused the issue. Social media in particular has lead to a lot of personal reputation issues, both in relation to work and outside of work.

Anything a person can think of, someone has probably already done it. Whether it be talking poorly about an employer or co-worker, leaking information to the public, posting inappropriate pictures or messages, messaging people you shouldn’t, etc., social media can get people into a lot of trouble.

No, social media isn’t evil, but it can be if used incorrectly. It is important to just be smart with everything and treat it in a lot of ways like you are at work. Don’t post controversial things that could be used against you later on down the road. Be aware of what type of profiles you follow.

Anyone in tech also knows the importance of being responsible when using work supplies and internet. Every single search and viewed page can be seen if the company wants to. If you have to look over your shoulder before doing a search or buying something, keep it away from work.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Professional Assistance

Tackling a reputation crisis, in some cases, can be done by an individual. Maybe just a few changes here and there can make a huge difference overall, and the problem will go away. However, bigger projects might really work out better when using professional assistance. There are a number of companies these days that specialize in reputation management not only for individuals, but businesses as well. If you Google Online Reputation Management Profile Defenders you will see that we’re the top ORM firm in the industry to get you the needed results.

These reputation management companies can clean up an online presence for any professional, pushing negative results and news to page 2 and beyond in Google searches. They can also assess just how much damage is being done through social media. If a person simply does not have social media profiles set up, they can be set up and maintained by a company as well.

Some people feel as though they have too much pride to seek out help with reputation management. Don’t be afraid, because it is becoming more and more important to control the narrative online. In the coming years, people will be even more reliant on doing research online to find out exactly who they are talking to. A bad result can hurt job opportunities, relationship opportunities and more. No matter where you live, there are companies in the area who can help solve online reputation management issues and put people on the right path going forward.

]]> Profile Defenders Mon, 10 Dec 2018 20:47:24 +0000 For the last 8 years we have been solving issues for clients that range from big corporations that need to know how to manage their image in a crisis to individuals who wanted to delete fake complaints and suppress unwanted news articles. With thousands of satisfied clients we are often asked what the difference between Profile Defenders is and what sets the two industry giants apart. started off as Reputation Defender and focused on negotiating removals of images and deletion of content similar to how a defamation attorney would approach the situation. Soon there after their founder Michael Fertik found that it was a daunting task with respect to the amount of time it would take as well as to the amount of energy expended to often times not get the desired results. Soon there after a reputation mishap took place where “The Streisand Effect” and the requests to remove negative photos from the internet ending up making the photos go viral. After that the Reputation Defender model shifted from focusing on the removal of images to the cookie cutter solution of just making websites and interlinking them for a client or businesses name. While the overall success rate was in the 20% range according to a research study we conducted in 2012 where all of their clients were listed on the same websites (creating easily detected link patterns that are a big negative in Googles eyes) as well as a few different web hosting sources handling all of the exact match domain names for their clients.

After a few more years of this model Reputation Defender was spun out from where as the Silicon Valley division in Redwood City, California focuses solely on review management and SAAS platform (of which Profile Defenders has a competing platform to Reputation.coms) work and the Tempe, Arizona office focused on the suppression of unwanted Google, Yahoo, and Bing content. Shortly there after the brand was spun out and has fully divested from the Profile Defenders style services as we were chipping away at too large of a market share and were able to have a near 100% success rate for our clients using UN-traditional and non-cookie cutter solutions that have satisfied our clients reputation management needs.

Why Choosing Profile Defenders over is a Great Idea?

As industry innovators the staff at Profile Defenders has advanced SEO and Online Reputation Management skills that have greatly benefited their clients for almost a decade. From cleaning up negative Yelp Profiles, Finding Loopholes to fix unwanted news articles, and relationships with webmasters to in some cases completely delete and remove content on the internet that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

It’s important to have your side of the story told and told in a fashion that ends up on reputable news and media sites thanks to our help. We also have experience in helping to fix data privacy issues where you want to delete yourself from the internet and can assist with any reputation defender style job no matter how big or how small. The Profile Defenders debate has been asked over and over again and now that the Stagwell PR group has taken over the Reputation Defender Brand it can be put to rest that they just weren’t super successful and interested in repairing reputations and therefore decided to focus solely on Review Management is further proof as to why past clients of ReputationDefender have moved away and started to use more hand crafted services provided by the team here at

Profile Defenders Logo vs Profile Defenders

Benefits of using Profile Defenders are that you don’t get with Reputation are:

  • One on one personalized services
  • You don’t get passed around to multiple salesmen that have little to no industry experience
  • Customized Solutions Fit to Service your needs
  • Will negotiate on your behalf for a removal if possible
  • Relationships with Numerous Websites for complete Deletions and Removals
  • High End content and News worthy content that is not deleted

There’s so much more but you get the point — Call 866-664-6178 Today for a Quote to Resolve Your online issues.

online reputation management welcome to the war Fri, 07 Dec 2018 21:58:45 +0000 Reputation Management isn’t a war zone although it may often feel like a battleground when you are fighting negative results and data aggregators. It’s not easy at all to clean up a reputation issue online. There are tons of data aggregator websites that take your personal information such as Name, Address, Phone Number, and Business history and post them online without your permission. It feels like a never ending war trying to get these removed as new ones continue to pop up in their place.

Luckily we’ve created a data privacy removal program that deletes your personal information and protects you. This works great for sites like mylife and blockshopper where consumers and individuals have complained about needing their identities and homes protected from potential unwarranted visitors after being exposed online.

In addition to data privacy regulations and removals we also specialize in suppression and removing unwanted fake news articles and content online that may be harmful to you or your business. If we are not able to delete and end up pushing it down there is an endless feeling and why internet marketers have coined it a “war” to contentiously promote positive content online to keep the search results on Google and other search engines from going stale.